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Taekwondo, which is the traditional martial art of Korea, now has global family of 50 million people all over the world throughout 164 countries. Taekwondo has been selected as an official event for the first time in the Sydney Olympics 2000, and it will be one of official events in the Athens Olympics 2004 and many coming Olympics in the future. Taekwondo is now a sport loved by all kinds of people, and it will help allowing people to learn about Korean culture. Taekwondo is a martial art that demands a great deal of concentration, dedication, sacrifice and time to master. The main feature of Taekwondo is that it is free-fighting combat sport using bare hands and feet to repel an opponent.

Modern-day Taekwondo, developing over the years, is a unique martial art incorporating both the quick, straight-line movements that characterized the various Japanese systems & the flowing circular movements of most Chinese styles.

The main governing body of the Taekwondo is the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) which is represented in America today by the USA Taekwondo as of November 2004 (formally the United States Taekwondo Union founded in 1974).

Considering the unparalleled growth of the art the Taekwondo & its acceptance into the circle of Olympic sports, there seems little doubt that it will continue to enjoy its rapidly expanding popularity around the world. Taekwondo is a highly complex system composed of many elements. It is in this diverse nature where the true strength of the art lies.

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