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It seems that every day the news mentions acts of domestic violence and/or rape. We at ChaeHookSung Martial Arts believe these problems have always existed but now an increasing number of reports are being made & people want to be more cautious. Victims of violent acts are being educated that it is not just their problem, or their fault. Even now the military has stepped up the awareness of not just harassment but also sexual harassment. The military along with other major employers are finding the need to educate their people in the initial signs that may prevent violence, assaults, & possibly rape of their employees. That's why we are here.

ChaeHookSung Self Defense classes are non-cardio dealing with hands-on techniques & lesson in awareness for personal safety. The longer you attend these ongoing programs the more one can benefit.

Rap of Colorado Springs Inc. has been an active member of the Colorado Springs Community for eight years. Contact us by phone at 719-232-7766 or by email at chs@chaehooksung.com.

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CHS Taekwondo Program
With CHS Taekwondo, anyone can achieve advanced levels of self-defense, one-step sparring, forms, and full-contact sparring. Participants not only practice physical techniques but also mental preparation before advancement. Children's home rules along with guidance for parents to assist their children are also provided.

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Hapkido Affiliate
HybridHapkido is affiliated with CHS Martial Arts. These affiliations provide students with well-rounded and practical training that provide a base for martial arts learning. Without this additional training, a student may become limited in technique with a narrow view of martial arts.

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