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 About ChaeHookSung Martial Arts

The various forms of martial arts are very diverse and complex. Many martial arts and self-defense programs teach only self-defense or combat fighting. ChaeHookSung (CHS) martial arts teaches defense through self-respect and physical confidence and teaches students to use offensive tactics only as a last resort.

ChaeHookSung Martial Arts

A well-rounded martial arts training program builds highly respected and confident citizens. With ChaeHookSung Martial Arts programs one will not only learn the common self-defense, offense, forms and full-contact fighting but will also be taught history, customs, and the courtesy of martial arts. As a member progresses along each level of martial arts training, both physical and mental training is included in each style.

ChaeHookSung Self Defense

CHS self-defense programs are non-cardiovascular, dealing with hands-on techniques and lessons in awareness for personal safety. The longer someone attends these ongoing programs, the more he or she can benefit.


Traditional Martial Arts
7868 N. Academy Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(behind Copy It! & Chipotle in the Plaza at Chapel Hills)

Master Chae

Nothing to Lose

That's right, let CHS Martial Arts introduce you to the fulfilling sport/discipline of martial arts. Try our FREE Introductory Offer. A FREE week at no cost or obligation to you. Just mention this free introductory course to our staff at any of our Dojangs, or call us at 719-232-7766 for more information and get started today!

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CHS Taekwondo Program
With CHS Taekwondo, anyone can achieve advanced levels of self-defense, one-step sparring, forms, and full-contact sparring. Participants not only practice physical techniques but also mental preparation before advancement. Children's home rules along with guidance for parents to assist their children are also provided.

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CHS Self Defense
Many martial art/self-defense programs advertise in just teaching you to defend yourself. Master Chae believes in defense through self-respect and confidence physically only as a last resort. CHS Self-Defense programs are non-cardio, dealing with hands-on techniques & lessons in awareness for personal safety. The longer someone attends these on-going programs, the more one can benefit.
Hapkido Affiliate
HybridHapkido in Colorado Springs is affiliated with CHS Martial Arts. This affiliation provide students with well-rounded and practical training that provide a base for martial arts learning. Without this additional training, a student may become limited in technique with a narrow view of martial arts.
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